Sadie on Studio 20

Things do not work always just by sending some credit in one’s account and asking to take her clothes off anytime like buying a pair of shoes.

I, Sadie, have been working since few months as a cam model. I have worked with several sex cam sites including LiveJasmin, HotFlirt and Studio 20 etc. not because I do not enjoy sexy things or I am a stuffed item but because I am a bit old fashioned, shy and above all due to the instinct to know your whereabouts including who are you and where do you live etc. before opening up myself for you after stripping down my clothes.

You can call me whatever you want as I understand your satires as being a beautiful girl I work with adults. But as per my opinion, web camming is related to developing connections with people through conversation instead of making sexy activities with unknown people through sex cams.

With the members I know I do sexy activities but privacy remains as it is. Those who share their wishes, fantasies and secrets with me, in my opinion they are very special for me. And for that reason I do the sexy things with them.

This job has many interesting things for me as human mind works amazingly. I had never expected so many fetishes in my life. So many things that I see and hear in this job make me feel overwhelmed, intrigued and disgusted.

Web camming is now making me a bit freak.

Though I am not a good mistress still I love web camming as it gives me some power to control many things or almost everything that happens in my room. Without worrying about giving back the money I can ignore, send a rude message to a member or leave them without biding goodbye after making love with them even if I have to return back to apologize for such acts.

In my opinion I am teaching some manners to the members. Not because of their rude behaviour but to make them realise how to behave with women and other girls they actually meet in their life. I usually ask them that can you go to some woman in your real life to ask her to undress within five minutes. But, most of them felt sorry in response.

In fact, nobody understands the meaning of respect.

In the cam life my experience is not more than two months but, in my opinion, cam girls can change their life just by listening to them and talking to them through cam chat.

I would like to do web camming until it is fun, thrilling and safe for me as I am very grateful to it for providing awesome experience after becoming part of the Studio20 website. It makes me realise the importance of a support system in the life of a woman.

It taught me like a sister, I never had, how to feel secure, hoe to love myself and how I can rightfully ask about the things owned by me including loyalty, understanding and respect.

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